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20 March 1992 @ 05:05 am

31 December 2018 @ 12:03 am
(~not f-locked~ alert, to be linked on twitter.)

i hereby present three top 11 lists in video form!!!!!! and some ramble to go with it.

- there is tiny wonkiness with the text, but let's not dwell. ㅠㅠㅠ
- apologies for the occasional tonal shifts, lol
- some of the ranks are futile

omo omoCollapse )

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28 December 2018 @ 01:35 am
(~not f-locked~ alert, to be linked on twitter.)

lemme distract myself from stressing out about my upcoming 2018 of music list~ by something straightforward!! review of tv shows i've watched in 2018, which includes new discoveries (🔀), continued watching (▶️), and rewatching (🔁). ✌️ rated by hearts, relatively to one another, not in general (so like, even a one heart show has some value to me). i've watched a few other shows, but i'm not listing them because i don't feel like i've watched enough of 'em.

whoa tfw u sort of get back to your tv rootsCollapse )

/끝 (expect said music post soon and maybe a f-locked random shit post, too, lol.)

p.s. shoutout to the good place browser extension for making the above sentence look like

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26 March 2017 @ 03:09 am

lol i've always wanted to make a poll on this and adorable cat!bam sped up the process,

[as seen here.]

putting self-identification and cat/dog person preferences aside...

teh pollCollapse )

additional material:

[(or an excuse to link random got7 videos)]cases forcases for
04 September 2016 @ 05:09 pm

001-015 apink
016-021 b1a4
022-026 f(x)
027-030 girl's day
031-076 got7
077-077 infinite
078-080 mamamoo
081-082 red velvet
083-099 shinee
100-100 sistar
101-105 snsd + jessica
106-106 snsd/shinee

apinkCollapse )

b1a4Collapse )

f(x)Collapse )

girl's dayCollapse )

got7Collapse )

infiniteCollapse )

mamamooCollapse )

red velvetCollapse )

shineeCollapse )

sistarCollapse )

snsdCollapse )

snsd/shineeCollapse )

stranger things have happened.
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