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yooooo! after hours and hours of preparations i wish i was exaggerating lol, i finally bring my 2019 k-music list!!!!! a few thoughts first, of course...

  • the video turned out unreasonably long :((( bc i started out with a smaller number and then didn't bother to change the sample length when i increased the number... so if you watch the whole thing (with some skipping around if needed? ;~;), you're a bro!

  • DO all the samples have the exact same length? i don't think so bc the text time stamps were occasionally iffy when i was finalizing ajgdsabg BUT UH generally yes...

  • ranking 55 songs is a fool's errand so don't take the order too seriously beyond like... the top 2 looool, those two i'd known would be up there for months, i'd had a very vague idea of what would be in the top 15, but even with number three i'm kinda like WHEN DID YOU GET HERE??

  • one of the items on one of my lists last year didn't age well..... so hopefully this time the only thing that ages badly is the meme i'm using at one point...

  • you know how last year i felt my b-side list was Obviously Biased? you probably don't but i'm reminding you AND ANYWAY this year!!!!!! i feel like there's minimal bias and it's rather unpredictable!!!!! so i'm pretty excited about that, ha!!!!!

  • kpop as a fandom has made me sad a lot this year so i think my consumption's become more introverted, if that makes sense, and overall i've been drawn to music that makes me feeeeeel, and then also BOPS as always.

  • i would actually like to talk about each song but editing Thoughts in would've been tiring both for me and anyone watching so i had an idea that if you're curious about my brief Thoughts on a song and/or you wanna indulge me lolol, you could note down a song number and drop the number(s) for me as a Thought prompt~~?

  • (bonus game: spot the two* collapsedone tracks. (*that i know of. i never realize in advance and then i check the credits and i'm like OBVIOUSLY and DAMN HE GOT ME AGAIN lol.))

  • my favorite albums will be pretty apparent once you watch the vid gsdajgs BUT if i had to say who the artist of the year for me is! it might sound unexpected bc they didn't end up featuring in the 55 much! but it would be [spoilerrr]wjsn. so many albums and all of them ON POINT.

  • ALSO i compiled songs i dig beyond the top 55 into a playlist so you may check that out after if you want (in most cases i limited it to three songs per artist) (this is particularly relevant for some november/december realeases, bc as i always say, i need more tiiiiiime, sheesh) (basically with this playlist you can totally imagine any of these songs was, like, number 56 or something, lol) (i don't think it has everything i meant to put in bc i got overwhelmed at one point and started losing track of what i'd put in, but ah well)

  • i genuinely thought this intro would be shorter.......................

no grand list for western songs bc my range isn't very wide..... BUT top three albums i love and have listened to a lot, in this order, and my top three songs from each:

adore you, golden, fine line /// saddest generation, mirror, you've got your whole life ahead of you baby /// handmade heaven, soft to be strong, superstar

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Multifandom Holiday Gift Giving Bash

graphic design is my passion...?

Nobody frequents LJ anymore so, uh, naturally I decided to throw a

✨Multifandom Holiday Gift Giving Bash✨

except by multifandom I mean kpop; I still love you, non-kpop friends. (●´□`)♡ Welcome—let's spend the last month of 2019 with some old-fashion appreciation for one another ☺️

How it works:

♡ Comment with the following form filled out accordingly.
♡ Fulfill other people's wishes in replies to their comments.
♡ Link your comment on your social media so others can give you some holiday loving also free promo.

Interest examples: groups, biases, ships, but you can be more specific if you want!
Wish/gift inspiration: icons, wallpapers, fic recs, drabbles, ugly Paint pictures, etc.

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(~not f-locked~ alert, to be linked on twitter.)

i hereby present three top 11 lists in video form!!!!!! and some ramble to go with it.

- there is tiny wonkiness with the text, but let's not dwell. ㅠㅠㅠ
- apologies for the occasional tonal shifts, lol
- some of the ranks are futile

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(~not f-locked~ alert, to be linked on twitter.)

lemme distract myself from stressing out about my upcoming 2018 of music list~ by something straightforward!! review of tv shows i've watched in 2018, which includes new discoveries (🔀), continued watching (▶️), and rewatching (🔁). ✌️ rated by hearts, relatively to one another, not in general (so like, even a one heart show has some value to me). i've watched a few other shows, but i'm not listing them because i don't feel like i've watched enough of 'em.

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/끝 (expect said music post soon and maybe a f-locked random shit post, too, lol.)

p.s. shoutout to the good place browser extension for making the above sentence look like

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icons like it's 2009.


001-015 apink
016-021 b1a4
022-026 f(x)
027-030 girl's day
031-076 got7
077-077 infinite
078-080 mamamoo
081-082 red velvet
083-099 shinee
100-100 sistar
101-105 snsd + jessica
106-106 snsd/shinee

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stranger things have happened.
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never a fun post to make.

but here it comes, i'm doing a flist cut. i'm only keeping a few people that i'm close with and/or regularly talk to because that feels the most comfortable to me at this stage of livejournaling, so it's honestly not to mean i feel negatively about anyone else. i wish the rest of you well in life and thank you for the time we'd spent on each other's flists! x
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vera neeever watches tv; (2013: not updated anymore bc lazy)

i decided to make a list of all shows i've watched, for referential reasons like memes, friending memes, etc. unless specified, i'm completely caught up; in some cases i have no intention to catch up. the bigger the font the bigger my current interest (in many cases i can be very out of mind out of sight). don't judge me for the amount. :P

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